Why are Mobile Homes Safe: Design, Materials & Construction

Why are Mobile Homes Safe: Design, Materials & Construction

Mobile homes (also called manufactured homes) are factory-built houses built on chassis. They are transported from their factory to their assembly place, where they’ll remain installed permanently.


Due to their efficient production, mobile homes are more affordable compared to traditional, site-built houses. However, negative stereotypes persist about the durability of these homes. This causes some potential buyers to be turned off and ask themselves, “are mobile homes safe?”


In this blog, we’re going to discuss the material and technical requirements of building modern mobile homes. We’ll also debunk stereotypes and prove why mobile homes are safe.


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And now, here are some things to consider if you’re concerned about the safety of mobile homes.


Mobile homes are built with more materials


Since mobile homes are transported from factories to their intended assembly places, they are built for maximum durability. In fact, mobile homes are made with 20%–30% more materials compared to site-built houses.


The misconception that mobile homes are made of flimsy materials is inaccurate. On the contrary, manufactured homes are intentionally constructed with additional materials to withstand various travel stresses.


Once assembled, these over-engineered units can endure the harshest weather conditions. As such, mobile homes are safe even during storms and can even withstand fewer category hurricanes.


Manufactured homes are safe because they follow strict building standards and inspections


The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) started regulating the mobile home industry in 1976. That’s when the government started referring to these modern units as manufactured homes to distinguish them from pre-1976 mobile homes.


With that, manufacturers must follow strict building safety and construction processes. The HUD code ensures that the highest standards are followed for the plumbing, electrical, fire safety, energy efficiency and installation procedures.


Moreover, the HUD conducts regular safety inspections to ensure that mobile homes are safe and compliant with regulations. On top of that, manufacturers have their own quality checks and run several tests, including weather assessments to ensure that the unit can survive hurricane- and tornado-level winds.


Each manufactured home unit is also tested for safety, durability, roof load, wind resistance and thermal efficiency before being delivered to its owner. As a result, you can be confident that your mobile home is safe to be installed in your area as it has passed regional standards for wind, tornado and hurricane resistance.


Mobile homes are built in a controlled environment


Mobile homes are built in factories, so their materials are stored indoors and away from the elements. Unlike site-built houses, rain and moisture don’t damage and corrode the wood and metal used to build mobile homes.


Additionally, since manufactured homes are assembled in a controlled environment, their construction is more precise. Beams are accurately placed and walls are joined in perfect angles, making units solid and sturdy.


Moreover, mobile home factories are equipped with modern tools and technology that are impossible to set up on outdoor construction sites. These instruments ensure top-notch and resilient construction.


Manufactured homes are built with quality materials


One common misconception about mobile homes is that they have a lower price because they are built with cheap materials. Although it’s true that producing manufactured homes is more inexpensive compared to site-built houses, that doesn’t mean they’re made of low-quality components.


Mobile home manufacturers save on production costs by buying their materials in bulk and storing them indoors. They purchase large quantities of wood, metal, glass and other home components, resulting in lower prices and transportation costs.


This isn’t possible with on-site contractors who worry about damaged or excess materials.


Since mobile homes are built inside factories, their materials are safely stored inside. Thus, construction is more efficient and environmentally friendly.


This shows that although mobile homes are more affordable, they are not lacking in design, materials or engineering. They are built using quality materials and can withstand harsh weather conditions.


Safe mobile home parks in Desert Hot Springs, CA


Mobile homes are safe because they follow strict building regulations and must pass regional resiliency tests. In addition, they are made of quality materials in a controlled and high-tech environment. Although they’re cheaper, it’s only because their construction is more cost-efficient compared to site-built houses.


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