Mobile Home FAQs: Nine Important Things You Should Know

Palm Drive Mobile Estates is a mobile home park in Desert Hot Springs, CA

Mobile Home FAQs: Nine Important Things You Should Know

Whether you’re buying a mobile home or just looking for more information, you’ve come to the right place. 


In this blog, we responded to some commonly asked questions about mobile homes to help you make a well-informed decision about your purchase. 


Meanwhile, Palm Drive Mobile Estates is a mobile home park in Desert Hot Springs, CA, that provides residents with an opportunity to live in an affordable and comfortable environment. Contact us today at (760) 251-2205!


What are mobile homes?

Mobile homes are factory-built houses that are constructed on top of a chassis. They are meant to be transported and installed on a different site where they will be placed on a permanent foundation. 


Since 1976, mobile homes have been regulated by the federal government and have since been called manufactured homes. However, “mobile homes” and “manufactured homes” are commonly used interchangeably.


What are the advantages of living in a mobile home park in Desert Hot Springs?

Buying or renting a mobile home can be less expensive than other housing types. If you’re opting to set up your unit in a mobile home park, you can also benefit from needing fewer permits compared to the ones you’ll need for site-built homes. 


Additionally, most mobile home parks are located in idyllic areas such as Desert Hot Springs, where residents enjoy peace and quiet while being near the city’s amenities and offerings. 


How are mobile homes made?

Mobile homes are generally constructed with steel framing and sold as complete turnkey products. Electrical systems, cabinets, plumbing, heating, and cooling equipment are usually already installed on the unit. 


Other materials used on mobile homes are plywood walls and roofing materials. They come with painted surfaces, which give added protection from weather damage. 


Are mobile homes durable?

Mobile homes are extremely durable and built to withstand the elements for many years. Many of them last for several decades if properly maintained.


Can mobile homes sustain damages from tornadoes and hurricanes?

Yes, mobile homes are durable enough to withstand tornadoes and hurricanes as they have the same safety standards as traditional houses.


Additionally, mobile homes are built to endure the weather conditions in their specific area. For example, if you’re investing in a mobile home park in Desert Hot Springs, you can expect units there to be insulated and resistant to the city’s high temperatures.


Do you pay property tax on a mobile home in California?

In California, mobile homes are classified as personal property. This means that you’ll only pay taxes based on the value of your home and not its full market price.


What are my financing options in buying a mobile home?

If you’re buying a unit in a mobile home park in Desert Hot Springs, one of the things you may be worrying about is financing. Luckily, you have several options to choose from to facilitate your mobile home purchase.


Although most lenders don’t extend traditional mortgages for mobile homes, you can get a personal loan from fintech companies, banks, or credit unions. Some dealers may also have in-house financing options. 


Can I insure my mobile home?

Yes! You can insure your mobile home by adding it to your policy. It’s best to do this before you move in, but you can also add it afterward. You may need to provide proof of ownership for the property to confirm that you live there.


Can I customize my mobile home?

You can customize your mobile home based on your tastes and personality. You may install upgrades and other features or change your unit’s colors, flooring, and cabinets. As with a traditional home, you’re free to make your unit how you want it to be.



As with any other purchase, it’s recommended that you fully understand everything about mobile homes before you make your decision. Whether you’re staying long-term or just for a while, know as much as you can about the topic so you can make a well-informed choice. 


If you want to learn more about mobile home parks in Desert Hot Springs, CA, feel free to contact us at Palm Drive Mobile Estates. You may call us at (760) 251 2205 or drop us a message. We’d love to hear from you!

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